Locust House
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Sun & Moon Rings hand made in 18k gold with blue sapphires. 


This one of a kind piece is drawn directly form the field next to my house. An untouched native wild plain where the grasses have bloomed since the beginning of time. As the seasons change the colors follow in form. Ranging the spectrum; come late summer and fall the tips of the grass turn to a golden straw color while the base maintains a purple hue. 

The materials for this piece are borrowed from the aerospace industry. Intentional to mimic the balance between our natural world and the one we have created. 

Materials: 20k gold wire and tungsten copper allow body (oxidized black). 

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From 2010 - 2013 I was involved in the restoration of a wood sail boat. During that time there was much observation spent on the shape and form of components involved in the process of sailing. These pieces resend directly from those times. 

Sail Earring | Available here


Tree Pendent 


This piece came about from micro observation of pine needles that had been blown onto the beach. The translation of these elements is represented in the rutilated quarts (pine needles) and the black shale from Agate beach.

Materials: Sterling silver, rutilated quartz, black beach shale. 

tree pendent 3.jpg

Biram Knife

Nearly 2 years in the making. This knife holds many memories in the journey of it construction. Brian commissioned a knife to be made; the design of which was open ended and able to take on its own form. Qualities dictated by the materials and process in how it was created. Forged by hand in a coal fire from an old truck leaf spring. The original shape of the leaf spring dictates the profile of the finished blade. 110 year old red wood and Baltic birch create the handle inspired by the body shape of a fish. Roughly 14" x 2" x1/4"


Image 2 blade and Handle Detail

In this view you can see how the original leaf spring becomes thicker as it tapers. This section would have originally been closer to the center of the spring, providing progressive resistance for the truck. For the knife it gives the user a substantial amount of mass in the handle, which provides a reassurance of grip



Sculpture constructed from cast bronze and assembled.

Date made: 2011

Dimensions: 14" H x 5 " W x 2" D


Office for N. King

Designed to suit the needs of a professional chef and writer. Everything is at an arms reach. With integral pull out for paper pads and supplies. the upper book shelf was made to fit the owners books in a specific order. Each one has it own place according to how she uses them. Constructed from reclaimed teak and walnut. Completed in 2013

N office desk.jpg